Since 1957, we have been celebrating life’s little and big moments—in our boutiques, at custom events and in our school. Pioneers of committed French excellence, the women, men, chefs and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France of Maison Lenôtre have dedicated themselves to providing our customers with the intense emotions that only our creations can inspire.
Maison Lenôtre maintains an artisanal approach and remains faithful to its family spirit. Generosity and sharing, pleasure and passion—this is the vocabulary that our know-how demands. Our creations, as gourmet as they are elegant, reveal the audacity of a universe where every detail is exceptional.
For the gourmand who enters our boutiques, for the guest who enjoys our events, for the host of a celebration or a dinner at Le Pré Catelan, for the students of our school chefs, everything contributes to the awakening of the senses.
Our personality reveals our uniqueness.
Maison Lenôtre is unique. A testimony to our history, where our tradition of “tailor-made” lives on, to our artisanal practices and to the high-end craftsmanship in the execution of our iconic and contemporary recipes. Maison Lenôtre is generous. Like our customers, we value celebration and living in the moment; the desire to bring pleasure to others and to ourselves. Maison Lenôtre is inspired. Our creativity is driven by the rigor and precision that pastry-making requires, in always meticulously selecting the best ingredients. Maison Lenôtre is committed. Each of us is fully aware of the way the world is changing and of the challenges that we face. That is why we are renewing our way of life and the way we create, so as to transform these commitments into strength. This ambition extends to our activities.


Our events

Enhancing your event, turning fleeting moments into unforgettable experiences, is Maison Lenôtre’s signature approach to entertaining. Our desire to surprise, astonish, and amaze, rooted in gastronomic experience and top-of-the-line orchestration, is carried out by an expert team adept in the codes of refined service.


Our boutiques

With 11 boutiques in France, in Paris and Cannes, Maison Lenôtre is also present in Berlin, Tokyo, Doha, Kuwait City, Riyadh and Shanghai—all striving to bring French excellence throughout the world.


Le Pré Catelan

In a green setting in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne and close to the Champs Élysées, Maison Lenôtre’s flagship location features the three-starred cuisine of chef Frédéric Anton. It also boasts sumptuous lounges, terraces and gardens, catering to all your desires in the spirit of genuine hospitality.


Our school

Inherited from Gaston Lenôtre, the passion for sharing knowledge and skills has inspired numerous generations of chefs, all of whom share the same desire to defend and promote French heritage and pass on the secrets of Lenôtre creativity. Our school has trained and continues to train the biggest names in pastry and culinary arts.

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